We are a fencing contractor based in orkney, but will be setting up a 2nd base in inverness in spring time 2019.

We have invested into machinery to help us work day-in-day-out all year round.

We have the only Evo2 in the north of Scotland and do the majority of the RSPB fencing all over north of Scotland, & Orkney. We do fencing for various contractors as well as lots of farmers all round Orkney & Scotland. If you see us around your area feel free to come and watch our machines in action!

We use mainly Tornado wire for all our fencing materials supplied from well known suppliers such as, G P SMART in Aberdeenshire, Highland Industrial Supplies and Allan’s of Gillock.

Be sure to check out our Facebook page and follow where we are and heading to next!

We will happily quote for any job you wish to have done so feel free to contact us at anytime for your quote.

This business of fencing was started up by Peter Thomson who was the age of 17 when he first started fencing back in 2005 and he has built the business up ever since